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Scrubbing involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin's outermost surface. It improves blood circulation and generates new skin cells that gives you affect of younger looking skin.
Your body skin is 5 times more thicker than your face. So you can do scrub them 2 times a week to remove the dead skin cells.

Make Your Own Body Scrub Using This Remedy :

First Ingredient :


Take half a bowl of green gram grind it well in a powder form. Green gram is an excellent substitute to body soap because it scrubs off dirt and dead skin cells. It is rich in Vitamin E and B. It helps the body to build new cells and it gives a smooth, glowing and whitening affect to your body.

Second Ingredient:


Take licorice powder or sandalwood powder. Sandalwood powder is good for acne prone or oily skin. It removes blackheads or whiteheads from your skin. It has antiseptic properties so that it protects our skin from sunburn and lightens skin as well. It also reduces blemishes, marks and freckles and keeps body young and fair.

Third Ingredient :


The third ingredient you need is orange peel powder. You can use homemade or readymade Orange peel powder(depends on you). Orange peel is an excellent source of Vitamin C that makes skin glow. It has skin bleaching properties as well.

Fourth Ingredient :


Last ingredient that you will take is chick pea flour which is best cleanser for your face and your body as well. It absorbs excess oil and removes dead cells. It detoxify your skin and leaves it clean, clear and fair.

Now take another clean bowl and combine all these four ingredients in it and mix it well with the help of a spoon or a wooden spatula. Then transfer it in a clean jar. Keep this bathing scrub powder near shower and use it twice in a week for better results.

How To Use This Scrub Powder For Different Skin Types?

For Sensitive Skin :


Add this powder to milk and then mix it well to make a smooth paste. Apply thick layer of this paste and leave it for 10 minutes. Now take a clean cloth or cotton ball and rub it in circular motions on your body. This will remove tan and dead skin cells. Do this scrub 10 minutes before taking a bath.

For Oily And Acne Prone Skin :


Take required amount of this powdered mixture and add it to yogurt. Yogurt has antibacterial properties in it that fights with acne and lactic acid in it gives bleaching effect to your skin. Apply this for 10 minutes and wash it with cool water.

For Normal And Combination Skin Type :


Take desired amount of this powder and mix it with rose water. Rose water has a soothing and cooling effect that tones and hydrates your skin. Do this 10 minutes before taking bath.

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