15 Tips For Healthy Eyes

Eyes are essential organ of our body as they help us to see objects. We should take care of our eyes health.

Here are some tips for healthy eyes

1.Stay hydrated :


 Keep yourself hydrated so it helps you to have much focus or concentration on things to understand.

2. Vitamin C Intake :


Keep regular intake of Vitamin C as it is good source of quick healing.

3. Use Of Carrots :


Drink carrot juice on daily or weekly basis. It helps to improve vision.

4. Fennel seeds :


Eat half a teaspoon of fennel seeds daily.

5. Work Out :


Do exercise daily for 20-30 minutes. As it improves your blood circulation so it prevents your body against number of diseases like migraine, high blood pressure, heart disease etc.

6. Say No To Unhealthy Food :


Avoid eating junk food or unhealthy food. It causes lots of health issues.

7. Healthy Meals :


Eat healthy meals like homemade meals so you know that all the food you eat is completely hygienic.

8. Avoid Sun Exposure :


Use sunglasses to avoid Ultraviolet rays to directly enter into your eyes.

9. Avoid Much Use Of Mobile Devices :


 Avoid spending more time on mobile phones as it has so much harmful effect on your eyes.

10. Positive Thoughts:

Think positive and try to keep yourself busy in such activities that makes you feel happy.

11. Important Role Of Nature :


Walk on greenery i.e grass. It is not only good for your eyes but also for your heart health.

12. Listen To The Music :


 Listen to soothing music as it keeps your nerves calm and peaceful.

13. Protection From Infection :


 If your eyes feel itching and pain so you can put a few drops of rose water in them to soothe.

14. Avoid Stress :


Don't take stress as it badly effects your eyes health.

15. Have Enough Sleep:


Have enough sleep like for 8-9 hours because it is most important to have good healthy eyes.

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